Training Programs

Way Too Cool 50K and American River 50 Mile

  1. Minimum fitness requirement: You must have run a marathon under 5:15 or completed an ultra event in 2013.
  2. Must be able to currently run comfortably, not walk, 12 miles, the distance of our first training run.
  3. You should have a high level of fitness and be injury free.
  4. Trail running takes much longer than road running; be prepared for the long days that the long runs will require.
  5. First Group Run is Saturday, Dec 21, 2013 7:30 am at the Lower Forresthill Divide.

Participant Fees:

  • UltraTeam Training Program+2014 WDR Group Membership – $170
  • Training only (already signed up as 2014 WDR member) – $150

There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers at any time.

Registration into the training program does not include entry fees into AR50 or Way Too Cool.

Ultra Team Training Program Participant Benefits

  • Weekly emails with training tips, run locations & more
  • Weekly Long Runs on Saturdays at 7:30 am
  • Clinics on ultra running topics: injury prevention, nutrition and more
  • Learn the trails, not just follow the ribbons
  • Learn how to become self-sufficient on long runs
  • Monthly training programs geared towards your goal race
  • Train on, and become familiar with the actual race courses
  • Meet new friends and running partners